Welcome to Dynamic Therapy Specialists

We are multidisciplinary speech-language pathologists

We offer direct therapeutic interventions for children and adults with severe speech-language, auditory, and learning disabilities.

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Principal Staff

Dr. Vicky Poston Roy
Stacy Levy, M.S., CCC-SLP

Our Story

We set out from the very beginning with the goal of improving the lives of our clients by addressing the neurological causes underpinning their diagnosis.
We take a “Whole Child” approach to therapy. Children with neurological disorders often present with multiple challenges to be overcome. We specialize in areas such as ADHD, dylexia, ODD, OCD, pragmatic-semantic language disorders, auditory processing disorders, learning difficulties, Reflex Integration Disorder, sensory processing disorders, nonverbal language disorders, and verbal apraxia.

What Clients Say?

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