Who We Are

we are child therapy specialists

Dynamic Therapy Specialists is a multidisciplinary team of highly trained child therapy specialists including speech-language pathologists, audiologists and occupational therapists. The Dynamic Therapy Specialist team of child therapy specialists go above and beyond so that your child will reach his or her fullest potential. Some of our specialties include addressing language, speech, reading, hearing, processing, spelling, behavior, social skills, focus/attention, anxiety and sensory regulation and self regulation difficulties.

The MNRI Method

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Our People

principal staff at dts
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech-Language Pathologist

Kids’ Yoga

Dynamic Therapy Specialists are registered children’s yoga instructors! We are proud to offer our therapeutic yoga course for children of all skill levels and needs. Yoga is proven to have several significant benefits from children.

Camp Dynamics

Dynamic Therapy Specialists offers several therapy services for children. These include occupational therapy, reading intervention, and pediatric speech and language therapy. We are excited to help your child reach their fullest potential.

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