Dynamic Groups and Clubs

Booster Club

for Reading, Writing, and Spelling

  • Is your child a reluctant reader and/or writer?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with a reading disorder/dyslexia?
  • Is your child someone who could use a “boost” over the summer so he/she is back on track when school returns?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Dynamic Therapy Specialists’ Booster Club may be just the answer you’ve been looking for!

Wow Yoga

Children’s yoga has been proven to provide many physical, emotional and neurological benefits to children, especially children with speech, language and social challenges. For example, if a child struggles with motor planning and sequencing, yoga is a fun and noninvasive way for children to practice their motor development – often without even realizing they are practicing at all.

Wow Focus & Attention

WOW for Focus and Attention is all about Working to Organize from Within. The group meets for an hour each week to engage in a variety of active movements geared at improving body organization, listening, and focus and attention.

The group is appropriate for your child if you feel like he or she is: Underachieving and/or struggling to meet academic demands, if you are hesitant about putting your child on recommended medications, or if the recommended medications are not as effective as you would like.   Register for 4 sessions at a time.

Dynamic Social Skills Clubs


Provide a fun backdrop for children to perfect their peer collaboration skills. Each club focuses on essential social skills in a fun atmosphere with same aged peers. Our team plans each club with an interest based theme in mind (Legos, Sports, Jewelry Making, Crafting, etc).




Our Dynamic Social Skills Clubs are appropriate for children of all ages who are struggling with social interactions, making and keeping friends, and basic social etiquette.




Currently we are offering:


Girl Power Club – a club just for girls ages 8-12! The group meets once a week.  Activities are geared to target peer collaboration and interaction skills while gaining self confidence and enjoying new connections.  


Recess Games Club – this club uses recess games like four square and hopscotch as the back drop for creating space for our club members to strengthen their flexible thinking and good sportsmanship skills! 




Girl Power:  Starting Sept 29 – Nov 3.  Meetings on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:15 for 6 weeks.  Cost:  $180


Recess Games:  Call the office for details on specific days/times and costs.




When children are engaged in interest-based activities they are more likely to engage with those around them. We use children’s interest to spark communication and build social skills.