Behavior Management

At Dynamic Therapy Specialists, your child’s undesirable behavior is not a problem, but his way of telling you the solution. Our therapists consider behavior management on an individual basis seeking first to identify the core issue being communicated through the child’s behavior.

The negative behaviors you observe are the brain’s protective response to feeling confused, scared, incompetent and/or overwhelmed. A child’s behavior is the clue that guides us towards what needs to happen to allow the brain to feel safe and competent. Safety and competence promote better regulation and availability for learning to occur. A traditional therapeutic model focuses on eliminating the “symptoms”; we focus on organizing the whole child, beginning with the brain, so that it can function more effectively and efficiently. The brain can’t function optimally in a state of danger. We refer to this as protection and survival, also described as “fight or flight.”


Examples of the brain going into fight or flight are:

  • verbal and physical aggression
  • excessive talking
  • compulsiveness
  • controlling
  • running away
  • stereotypical behaviors (self stimulatory behaviors)
  • self injury

Examples of protection are:

  • refusal
  • passivity
  • avoidance
  • daydreaming
  • distractibility

At Dynamic Therapy Specialists, our approach is unique in that we examine the entire system, including the individual’s primary reflex patterns, the family unit and other contributing factors.

Symptoms such as anxiety and hyperactivity may also be the brain’s reaction to protection or survival and therefore may be reduced by considering the entire system and working to organize the brain from this perspective.


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