Next Steps

This service is intended for those families that feel that something just doesn’t feel right, but doctors and professionals are telling them to “wait and see” if the child makes progress on his own.

Through Next Steps you will: learn strategies to facilitate your child’s early social-communication development, address early areas of weakness, understand your child’s development and appropriate levels of challenge, calm your anxiety, validate your concerns, and determine if intervention is warranted.

This program is appropriate if your child is not yet consistently…

  • Showing and giving objects for the purpose of sharing
  • Seeking you out to play
  • Responding to his/her name
  • Using 20 or more words in a purposeful manner (depending on age)
  • Looking to you for reassurance in new situations
  • Attending to social games
  • Comforted by your voice or presence
  • Using words and/or gestures to share with you


This program is appropriate if your child…

  • Persistently tantrums
  • Engages in repetitive and/or limited play behaviors
  • Reacts unusually to how things smell, taste, feel, look, or sound
  • Typically plays alone
  • Uses language in an unconventional manner
  • Repeats words or phrases
  • Engages in movement without purpose (running, crashing into things, jumping, spinning)

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