Specialized Consultation

Both Stacy and Vicky provide a range of specialized consultation including (but not limited to) school consultations for Individualized Education Plans, Teacher and Professional In-services and Extended Trainings, SCERTS implementation, Kaufman Speech to Language Program Planning, and much more.

Parent Meetings and Workshops

We offer occasional parent group meetings which are designed to harness the power of group knowledge and shared experiences through professionally facilitated discussions and workshops. Topics in the past have included developing meaningful communication, increasing motivation to participate, parent guiding, and how to handle extreme behavior meltdowns.

Dynamic Partners Program

We also provide specialized consultation services to parents interested in having an upper level undergrad or graduate level student work with their child to provide extended intervention at home. Stacy and Vicky work with parents to identify a suitable “Dynamic Partner”. In the past, LSU students working on their Bachelor or Masters degrees in Speech and Language Disorders have been trained to target specific social communication goals. The Dynamic Partner meets with the child at their home helping them with homework, engaging in purposeful movements aimed at increasing neural connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, creating space for dynamic thinking and problem solving through every day tasks and games and generally targeting objectives specific to the child’s individualized intervention plan.

Please contact us directly for more information regarding parent meetings, Dynamic Partners, and other specialized consultation services.


Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Reading & Writing Intervention



Behavior Management

Occupational Therapy