Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Receptive and Expressive Language Therapy addresses how your child understands and uses language in order to better participate in the world around him.
Baton Rouge’s most family-centered pediatric clinic, Dynamic Therapy Specialists, completes a comprehensive speech and language assessment process to determine the CORE issues causing your child to struggle and then work with you, the family, to develop the best plan.

Differences in speech and language development can be the result of a variety of underlying causes. Often times, progress in these areas is slow because traditional speech and language therapies are not considering the entire system and therefore not addressing the CORE issues. The therapists at Dynamic Therapy Specialists will always address the CORE issues.

Language therapy might be appropriate if your child is demonstrating difficulty…

  • Understanding information that he hears
  • Retelling personal stories
  • Generating personal stories
  • Recalling information
  • Thinking of the right word to communicate a message
  • Putting his thoughts onto paper
  • Using and/or remembering age appropriate and specific vocabulary
  • Understanding and recalling things that he has read
  • Inferencing or reading between the lines
  • Using past experiences and current information to predict what might happen next
  • Navigating social situations
  • Accurately interpreting nonverbal communication, facial expressions, and tone of voice
  • Using age appropriate verb tenses and other grammatical markers in written and expressive language us


Speech therapy might be appropriate if your child’s area of greatest need is improvement in…

  • Producing sounds in speech
  • Oral Motor Control (Tends to have a wet shirt, mouths objects, and/or drools)



Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

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