Children's Yoga Near Me

Dynamic Therapy Specialists is proud to offer WOW Yoga for Kids, our certified children’s yoga program for children of all ages, skill levels and needs.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Children’s yoga has been proven to provide many physical, emotional and neurological benefits to children, especially children with speech, language and social challenges.  For example, if a child struggles with motor planning and sequencing, yoga is a fun and noninvasive way for children to practice their motor development – often without even realizing they are practicing at all.

Many children with developmental disorders deal with anxiety. Because of this, many children have high-stress reactions even in seemingly low-stress situations. Through yoga, the brain can teach itself new ways to disengage the “fight or flight” response that often results from high anxiety and instead engage in a brain setting geared towards rest and self-regulation. Learning this skill can be vital for children coping with anxiety or simply need to find a way to relax their minds and regulate their bodies.

Neurological Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga can also help develop many neurological skills with significant importance to a child’s Children's Yoga For Special Needsdevelopment. One common difficulty for children with developmental disorders is crossing their midline – or bringing a limb from one side of their body to the other. This skill is important to develop early on as it allows for communication across the two sides of the brain. Yoga involves many poses and movements that will strengthen and develop the muscles needed when crossing the midline, all in a passive way that encourages the child to do the movement on their own rather than being “forced” by an adult.

Register for Yoga for Children

These are just some of the physical, emotional and neurological benefits of yoga for children. As a therapy provider, we believe that yoga can be a fun and impactful tool for treatment and are proud to be certified children’s yoga instructors through Kidding Around Yoga, a global training program for teaching mindfulness, meditation and yoga specifically for children. We are excited to offer our expertise as a yoga course for children of various experience levels and needs.

Children's Yoga ClassesIf you are interested in signing your child or children up for our WOW yoga program, you can sign up here.  The cost is $200 per semester and it is available at various locations.

We are happy to serve children of all skill levels, abilities and needs for a chance to grow and develop through yoga. You can register today, and please feel free to reach out with any questions.